Where Do I Write?

As I was typing (is it even considered typing on iPad?) the title I chuckled. Write? Nope! I do all my “writing” sitting on my big, comfy couch in my family room with my iPad mini. I’ve written my entire book here. I used to write everything by hand but since I got an iPad I just peck away. I do know how to type the old fashioned way with fingers on the home row as I was taught in High School but it’s impossible to do that while one hand is holding an iPad while a dog snoozes below.  

This is my view
Sometimes I perch the iPad on her back so I can use 2 hands. But write? Nope! There is even a desk with an ergonomically correct chair and laptop in this room but I don’t use it anymore unless I need to print. 

The TV is on because my husband is home but when he’s golfing or in his man cave I have a quiet place to “write”. A completely quiet space is not necessary for me however, since I wear a hearing aid and can just take it out and have a quiet environment. 


The Man Cave
I would like some ideas on topics you might be interested in reading about. Please add your input here.

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