Writing and Sanity

I have always written when I’m upset and need to spew out all the poison that is festering inside me. Once it’s on the paper, I can let go (for the most part) of what is bothering me. Afterward I often re-read what was so important and shake my head. Mostly, it’s just silly things that irk me. I’m sure if I hadn’t written them down, however, I would have gone crazy.

I have been reading many posts lately and there seems to be a common theme: writing for sanity.

I enrolled in Writing 101 because I felt I was going to lose sight of the only solid ground I found; one of the only ways I could keep sane. My writing.”

“Why I Write. I write because it keeps me sane.”

Some of our greatest writers suffered from depression and other mental illnesses. Many artists suffered from paranoia, anxiety and mania. Poetry is full of angst and longing. I’m quite sure there is a link between sanity and artistic expression.

When I lost my daughter, Justine, in a car accident last year I immediately began writing. I wrote an entire book. I’m still writing about this life altering experience. Why? It keeps me sane!

Does writing help you stay sane?

16 thoughts on “Writing and Sanity

  1. Normally, last week on our first day assignment, I said writing gives me positive energy. Today I wrote for an entirely different reason, for all the sadness that had to get out. So I do believe I understand a bit of what you mean.

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  2. Writing allows us a freedom we can not achieve by speaking alone. When we share ideas, and they are written, they are now tangible. others can see them, touch them, and even be touched by the written word.

    I faced a major tragedy last year as well, but I had never really been a writer before. One of my therapists suggested to start a blog. He said that writing thoughts down validates them. Essentially marking out a plan, in my case, to cope with the grief.

    Yeah, writing keeps us sane, if we know how to effectively write. Looks like you are doing a great job!


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  3. Writing to stay sane was not my original motivation for giving it a try. However, now that I’ve started, I think I might lose a little sanity if I stopped! With fiction, you can have your characters work through some of the same issues/anxieties/fears that you experience. I swear that is therapeutic in itself!

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  4. Dealing with the loss of your daughter must be a very rough deal. When I lost a child at birth, I felt devastated and I can’t begin to phantom the pain of a losing a grown child. I am deeply sorry Cathy. More strength and Grace to you.


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