Reasons I Won’t Be Posting Much This Week

I have signed up for yet another WordPress U course. This one is called Writing  101. I’m very excited to complete all the assignments, however we’ve had a death in the family. You can read about it in this post. 

I will be with my family this week but will try to get my homework completed.

Here is my list for day 2.

Reasons I may not complete the tasks in Writing 101

1) I will be going to my sister’s house to celebrate my widowed sister’s first birthday without her husband. She is turning 54.

2) I will be attending my brother-in-law’s visitation.

3) I will be attending my brother-in-law’s funeral.

4) I will be spending time with my family including my niece, mom, daughter, grandson, sisters and brother and all their families.

I hope to catch up when I get back to my regularly scheduled life. 

My sister and her husband, Bob


16 thoughts on “Reasons I Won’t Be Posting Much This Week

  1. You have my condolences on your sister’s loss. Thank you for your warm words on my first blog I hope to continue writing throughout the course. I know what it’s like to lose someone and it’s never an easy thing to live through. Take time to comfort your sister and take all the time you need to heal.

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  2. Sincere condolences for your recent loss Cathy. Good that you can be with your sister and family at such time and offer support. The courses are at least flexible so you don’t ever really get behind – your readers will be still be here to share your writing101 journey when you return to your usual routine. Very best wishes, Colette

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