What We Think We Become #mondayblogs

Today’s quote is by one of the great philosophers of the world, Buddha. The laws of attraction have been practiced since the beginning of time. By changing our beliefs and thoughts we can bring good things into our lives. And even better, when something does go wrong we can cope better knowing good things will be coming.

I had been practicing the laws of attraction when my daughter, Justine was killed in a car accident last year. You might say that the laws of attraction didn’t work but they really did. If I had not kept thinking good thoughts I may have ended up depressed and bitter. People were surprised at how well I coped and am still coping. I just know that it happened for a reason and I’m very content knowing Justine is in a better place. I picture her on a sandy beach on a tropical island and that makes me happy.

Expressing gratitude for what is good in your life, instead of thinking what has gone wrong, is key. I have a new grand baby, Oliver and I’m so thankful he came into my life. All during my daughter’s pregnancy I was at peace knowing that wonderful things were coming and it helped me to look forward to my life.

Here is a song that I heard on the radio yesterday that I would like to leave you with. It goes “When I die and when I’m gone, they’ll be one more child in this world to carry on”. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “What We Think We Become #mondayblogs

      1. haha…That’s what happens….it’s common to read something and anticipate the word….Trudy is a common/familiar name, so it’s understandable that your brain would auto-correct what it subconsciously thinks is a typo 🙂

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