I write because…..

I write because I have a story to tell. It was something that I’ve always wanted to talk about but it was not my story. I was a character in the story but the protagonist was my daughter, Justine. It was her life and her story to share or not to share. Justine was very open about her journey living with bipolar disorder but it was still hers, not mine.

I always thought Justine would someday speak about some of her experiences. She was a great public speaker as a child and won a few contests. She was killed in a car accident last year and now her legacy is left with me. I’m not a public speaker but I can write. I have just finished my first draft of my book, “Not My Story To Tell”. I’m hoping by writing about her life, people will start talking and the stigma of mental illness will begin to lift.

Writing has always been a method I use when something is bothering me. I vent on paper, rather than rant out loud. Writing is therapeutic for me and once something is written I can let it go. It helps me gather my thoughts and express them in a way I could never speak. I enjoy the quietness of going into my mind and seeing it appear on the page. It’s quite magical. 

21 thoughts on “I write because…..

  1. This is beautiful. I am so glad you have written a book and are sharing this story with the world – it is a truly important one and a very powerful one. Writing is healing, it is therapeutic and I think what you have written here connects with all writers. I look forward to learning about your daughter and the wonderful story she is telling through you, and you her.


  2. Writing is definitely magical. I am so sorry you lost your daughter. Your story is so very important. There is so much stigma around mental illness that needs to be destroyed.


  3. I always enjoy reading youf writing. I imagine wanting to read your first book about your beautiful daughter which seems you are writing on her behalf as well as in memory of her. I also imagine wanting to read the stories you might find yourself writing beyond that. So, I’m curious and wondering if you have any desire to write beyond this very important first goal? Obviously there is your blog writing, already extending your writing beyond that focus. Sorry if I should have asked a question like this in the Commons rather than public space and sincere apologies if posing the question is intrusive. Of course you don’t have to answer, I can’t help myself for thinking aloud 😀


  4. I don’t mind at all Colette. I appreciate you asking here so many people can read it. I’m an avid reader and have always dreamed of writing fiction. I just never found the drive to write. When Justine was killed in the accident I just needed to remember things and record them so I wouldn’t forget. It became a labour of love and I found it very therapeutic. I just thought others might benefit and it might make change in the stigma of mental illness by writing a book. I’ve found out that so many families are like mine where we felt isolated and had no where to get help. This must change.

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  5. Congratulations on completing the first draft to your story. It isn’t an easy task and I applaud you for that. But even more, I applaud you for writing a story that must be so intimate. So thank you for sharing and I look forward to following its and your growth.

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  6. A brave journey you are on. My heart goes out to you and your daughter. I suffer from bi-polar disorder. My main blog, Meghan aka Firebonnet (firebonnet.com) is where I bring love and delight to the page for my own health as a way to encourage more delight in my life. I look forward to reading more of your rich writings in this Writing 101 class. It is a pleasure to meet you. ~Meghan (http://2catsandacattledog.com is the blog participating in the class).


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