Each Experience Gets Us to Now

Wayne Dyer passed away Saturday so I thought one of his quotes would be appropriate for this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday. I greatly admired him and his wise philosophy on life. He had a very rough childhood but instead of wallowing, he changed his thinking and his life. Not only his own life, however, but millions of others by writing many books and through his speaking engagements. 

This quote is very much my way of thinking. Life is often unfair and when tragedy happens we have two choices. We can completely fall apart and live the rest of our lives in misery or we can accept that it was meant to happen in order to propel us on to a happy and fulfilled life. 

After my daughter, Justine, was killed in a car accident last year, I could have just checked out of life. It could have made me believe that life was cruel and nasty. I chose instead to take comfort in the fact that “everything happens for a reason” and try to find the meaning in her death. Thinking of her happy and content brings peace and joy into my life.

I’m finished the first draft of the book I am writing about her life. She had Bipolar disorder and I’m hoping in some small way to bring mental illness out of the shadows. My book is called, “Not My Story To Tell”.

21 thoughts on “Each Experience Gets Us to Now

  1. I can’t wait to read your finished book, and I am so sorry for your loss. I know us moms who have lost children, have a very special bond, and I truly hope that God continues to heal you in every way!

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  2. Wayne Dyer will be a soul missed and a loss for the planet just as your daughter is a missed and a loss for you. Too bad you can’t use Wayne Dyer quotes in your book without paying royalty to his family. That would be cool to have intertwined lives.

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      1. That would be another great one to get into your book but I know they will want their money. Too bad since they can be great to have. That is why I like Criminal Minds, they start and end each episode with a quote from someone. Really helps bring the episode into focus. I wish you luck on your next draft of the book. I hope it does well when you finally get it out there.


  3. Cathy, I love your quote from Dr. Dyer. I have always said all the experiences in my life were necessary to make me the person I am today. I don’t know if it is karma or a sum of my own choices, but I am better in many ways for suffering and learning from my mistakes. Your book will honor your daughter’s legacy. I feel it in my bones. ❤


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