Good Morning Sunshine☀️

Thanks to JenniferSmiling Away Food Allergies, Tadhg and Kirstwrites for this honour.

My challenge is to answer the following questions and nominate 11 people.

1) My least favourite household chore is vacuuming and washing floors. 

2) SUMMER is definitely my favourite season. 

3) One event I would change is my daughter’s car accident. I have come to     terms with her death but if I had the power to go back and prevent it, I would. 

4) I try not to focus on my perceived faults but I would like to lose weight.

5) “It’s Too Late” by Carole King is a very favourite song.

6) Paris, France is my vacation destination. 

7) I love my job as an EA but am looking forward to retirement in 2 years.

8) When I was younger skydiving was a goal but not at my age (58). 

9) SUMMER! Is that a holiday? If not…Christmas.

10) I would go to my vacation destination of Paris, France.

11) I’ve raised my children and the best advice I gave them is to be kind to other people. 

My Nominations are

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