Forseeing Death

Justine may have unknowingly foreseen her own death. This was a post on Facebook 6 months before her own car accident on the same highway. 

Wayne Dyer posted that he was wearing pants with no pockets on Thursday. He said he didn’t’ need any pockets where he was going. He died on Saturday. 

Have you ever known anyone who had foreseen their death?

10 thoughts on “Forseeing Death

  1. No, I haven’t. But my wife a dream one night about her grandfather, whom she was very close to. In the dream, he was reassuring her that everything was fine, etc. next morning her mom called, and he had died earlier.


  2. My husband believes that his father knew his time was near. He opened up and revealed a lot of things about himself in the months prior to his death, it was unlike him to be that way. My heart goes out to you Cathy, I cannot imagine what it is like to lose a child. I hope that you will be able to find some comfort/solace by telling her story. *hugs*

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  3. I believe that one usually feels something before they are taken away from us. But I also think that when I get my signal, I’ll definitely miss it. I’ll be too busy trying to find something to amuse me.


  4. Personally, I think having the ability to foresee death could be a dangerous thing. I mean if someone was to die in say, a car accident, and you foresaw it and successfully prevented it, would it incur the wrath of a vengeful spirit? I don’t think that Death would be that petty and vindictive.


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