One Small Positive Thought #mondayblogs

Welcome to my first Monday Motivator. Today I have chosen a quote from Positive Life


Monday mornings can be particularly difficult because the work/school week seems to loom ahead of many of us. We can change this, however by thinking of something positive in our lives and being grateful for it. Gratitude is essential for attracting good things into our everyday life.

Here’s how to make your day better. Think of something that makes you happy. It can be a memory, an image of something beautiful, your morning coffee, or the fact that the sun is shining. Chose anything you like. Then say “Thank you for the sun” or “Thank you for my coffee”. You will find yourself doing this at other times during the day. Just stop a moment and say “thank you”. I know your day will be a wonderful one!

Happy Monday! 

I would love to hear your feedback!

37 thoughts on “One Small Positive Thought #mondayblogs

  1. Cathy this is a beautiful feature. Specially because Mondays are many times related with the “blues”.
    So I like your positive thoughts. They even can be applied on more days of the week 🙂
    My happy thought for today was that it is going to be a good week, with a lot of friends time… I am glad that this week started with this Monday.

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  2. There really IS magic in saying “thank you” or something similar when I see something wonderful. This could be anything…the sun, the moon, a deer, kitten, even a flower. Your Monday Motivators blog is a happy idea.

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  3. Love your positive take on Monday Cathy as really for me Monday tend to give me the blues. Reading your post help me be thankful. So I thank God for being in this blogosphere where I’m meeting some great bloggers such as yourself who makes the world a little better through their words 🙂

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  4. Very good thought. Often what I like to do on my morning runs. Appreciate the beauty around me…the sun coming up, ducks enjoying their morning swim or the peacefulness of the morning calmness. I like to walk to work without headphones in my ears in order to be able to hear the sounds of nature and stop to smell a beautiful rose. Being grateful for these small things certainly makes the day better. Very good idea to share

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  5. Hallo 🙂 Enjoyed your post having visited from Commons to see your new feature. I tend to think or say hooray for… rather than ‘thankyou for..’ (unless of course I’m actually thanking someone!) but it’s the same kind of meaning, of appreciation. Earlier today, having completed my small daily drawing (for #Drawing August, twitter-(share) I was hooraying for having a back doorstep, a garden and a neighbour with cats and flowers (I sketched the neighbours cat sitting amongst the planters) Nice to share positivity, I’ll check back for next week’s post 🙂 Have a great week, happy blogging future!

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      1. If you’re looking for my #Drawing August shares they’re on Twitter, going on blog space as a portfolio post after the end of the month 🙂 Enjoyed seeing your paintings while visiting your blog too by the way 🙂

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      2. no worries 🙂 It’s probably the posts in scroll view from the home page, I prefer them like that than individual posts. It is easier to miss the comment button though and doesn’t show the like button until you hit a post title in the scroll, it then opens the post seperately and the buttons are visible then. It can be difficult on a tablet though making things work, or at least is so with mine sometimes. Thank you for replying to me here tho 🙂

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  6. Thank you Cathy!
    This was a very good idea! Please keep it up and going on for the delight of all of us “Monday dislikers” .;)
    I have been playing with an idea for a Monday feature for my blog, precisely because Mondays can sometimes be a little stressful for some of us, but I like yours so much that I will give mine a little more time to think through , in true Turtle Way. 🙂

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  7. How about a Thankful Monday but expressed on this lat day of 2015. I am so thankful when I slip quietly out the front door before dawn and spend some a space of time with the constellations, the just arriving dawn, and so much gratitude for the generosity of the Universe.

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