Justine Rolled Up The Rim

We are big coffee drinkers in our family. My mother-in-law always claims she bought one of the first jars of instant coffee ever sold. I have memories of my mother always trying to kick her cream and sugar habit. 

My husband and I have always ground our own beans and made a pot of coffee every day for the 36 years we’ve been married. It’s no surprise that Justine loved coffee too. There was the episode in the hospital as a low point but there’s also a high point. 

Justine was a big fan of Canada’s favourite coffee. She would buy several cups a day to keep her fuelled up. Every year this company has a promotion and they give away great prizes. The prizes are revealed by rolling up the rim of the coffee cup after the cup is empty. Most of the prizes are a free coffee or donut but they also give away cars and bigger prizes too.

One day Justine rolled up the rim and discovered she had won a 46″ Plasma TV. This was when Plasma TVs were new and they cost $6000 so it was a great prize to win. She didn’t need a TV and planned to sell it to buy a car. Her dad did not want to see that TV slip through his fingers so we made a deal. I gave Justine my car, I bought a new one and her dad kept the TV. I was due for a new car anyway and it suited all of us. We still have that TV. It is 11 years old and in perfect working order. 

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