My Wild Child!

“My mother…was perfectly horrified when I began shooting and tried to keep me in school, but I would run away and go quail shooting in the woods or trim my dresses with wreaths of wildflowers.”~Annie Oakley
This is a quote I used in one of my blogs because it reminded me of my daughter, Justine. I’m entering it here

Cathy Lynn Brooks

My daughter, Justine lived large. She did things her way and when she did something she did it in a huge way. There was nothing mediocre to the way she lived her life. She had strong convictions and she stuck by them. She always learned lessons the hard way. She was an individual and she didn’t care what others thought of her.

Justine cared deeply about the homeless, abused women and the mentally ill. She did one high school Co-op placement in a drop in centre for people who live on the street and another in a shelter for abused women. She completed her 40 hours of community service in a soup kitchen where she served food and conversed with the people who ate dinner there. She didn’t just talk about problems, she took action.

She loved her family and friends and was very loyal. She lived by her own…

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