Justine’s Community Service

Justine cared deeply about the homeless, abused women and the mentally ill. She did one high school Co-op placement in a drop in centre for people who live on the street and another in a shelter for abused women. She completed her 40 hours of community service in a soup kitchen where she served food and conversed with the people who ate dinner there. She didn’t just talk about problems, she took action.

When our assignment for WordPress U 101 was to use a prompt to inspire a post I was immediately ready to write on the topic of Community Service. Justine had her own issues with bipolar disorder and that is why she gave back. She understood that without caring family, friends and the right medication she may have ended up on the streets.

Many people who have mental illness can’t afford prescription drugs and self-medicate with street drugs or alcohol. Their families don’t understand their behaviour and ask them to leave their homes. These issues are huge and why so many people become homeless and in need of community service.

My daughter died in a car accident last year at the age of 29. She served her community well in her short lifetime. I’m writing a book about her life called, “Not My Story To Tell”.

Have you done any volunteering?

23 thoughts on “Justine’s Community Service

  1. Dear Cathy,

    Your daughter was a beautiful soul. 🙂

    Yes, I have done some service–though I don’t feel good talking about it. I ran away from home because of my intense devotion for God and took renunciation at a place of pilgrimage. There I used to serve as a priest and used to serve food to all devotees, saints and poor people. I never took a single penny for any service as I had already renounced everything. As I used to get some charity from others–I immediately used to give it to needy and poor never keeping more than a pair of clothes for myself as I needed them to serve the God in the temple.

    { If I talk too much it would be egotistical so I stop here. }

    I see the URL in your post. Please rectify it. 🙂

    Wishing you a great day,


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  2. Hello Cathy
    It’s good to see you write about your daughter, and what a good person she was.
    It’s often hard for workers to volunteer these days due to time constraints but my former company allowed us volunteer days which were often used in teams to help community organisations with painting and maintaining their premises.
    Hope you are having a good day today.

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  3. Hi Cathy,

    I’m sorry to hear of Justine’s loss. It must be both difficult and therapeutic to write about such a beautiful person.

    I do a few hours of volunteering a week helping a local sports coach to run a club. I also built and maintain their website and social media pages and publish their press releases. I may as well use my writing skills for the good of the community.

    I look forward to reading more of Justine’s story.

    Nicola x

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  4. Hi Cathy, I have such admiration for your being able to write so well about your daughter. She sounds a very special person and your love for her shines through. Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m glad it’s meant that I’ve found yours too.


  5. Your daughter sounds like a beautiful soul. She lived her life well. I have done some community service and I usually leave feeling like I was blessed so much more than I blessed others. Your tribute to your daughter is amazing.

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