Justine’s Achievements

Justine was an easy child to raise. She was a high achiever who set goals for herself and reached them. She got good grades, scored goals in soccer, achieved the highest honour in Girl Guides, the Canada Cord, was awarded the role of Dorothy in the school play, got her Bronze Medallion in swimming and went on to 2 Legion competitions with her speech, “Be Careful What You Wish For.” She was always happy and had lots of friends. She made friends easily and still has many today that she made when she was a child.

She was a loving sister to her younger sister, Candice. They did many things together growing up. They played well together and were each other’s first best friends. We have funny videos of their antics with Justine being the leader of a song or dance and Candice happily following along.

Justine didn’t have any children of her own but often babysat or visited with her friends’ kids. She was always so excited when another baby was coming and used to tell me all the funny and cute things they did. She was a loving “aunt” to many children. Now she would have been a real aunt. Her sister is a mom to a baby boy, Oliver who is 5 months old. She would have loved that. 

Did you ever win an award? Please share below!

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