Do you believe in the Horoscope?

“Many Cancers are excellent writers and with Jupiter, the ruler of publishing, in your literary third house, your words could move the masses”

I read my August Horoscope (thanks to David Sorbet) and I was so excited to read that Jupiter is in my literary house! Jupiter is the ruler of publishing? Who knew?? My words could move the masses!! What writer would not want to hear those words? It’s a great month to be Cancer!

When I read that one sentence about my horoscope it catapulted me into writing mode. I’m motivated to “move the masses”. Our assignment for today in WordPress U 101 is “Identify Your Audience” and write something for them. How perfect! 

For those people who are new to my blog I should explain that I’m writing a book about my daughter, Justine. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and wanted to change people’s perception about mental illness. There is a stigma surrounding this disease. Justine was an award winning public speaker, as a child, and I had always hoped she would speak about her cause. She was killed in a car accident last year. She has left me with a big responsibility to carry on her legacy. I’m not a public speaker but I can write. I’m sharing some experiences she had so people can better understand. The book is called, “Not My Story To Tell”.

I got some wonderful news yesterday. A friend of mine who is a literary agent has agreed to meet me and give me some advice. I’m hoping she can help me find a good editor. I’ve known Olga for years since she worked at Chapters/Indigo and ran our book club. She went back to school and works for a publishing company now. How cool is that?

What does your August Horoscope say?

16 thoughts on “Do you believe in the Horoscope?

  1. Really sorry for your loss. Good luck on the memoir. I hope you find all the success.

    It’s nice to meet another person who was motivated by astrology, and they call it sinful. pfft.

    I wanted to make a transition into writing and advertisement field, but I always felt I am not creative enough (Saturn in 5th house). I was reading my natal chart when I figured I have a Gemini midheaven (communication career?) with my Jupiter in Cancer in the 10th house (written word and publishing). And that really got me motivated, and I decided to start blogging. 🙂 Astrology can do wonders.


  2. Looking forward to hearing about your progress with your (daughter’s) book. And I’m so sorry for your loss. I have a big star by your blog — at least mentally — to remind me to follow it!


  3. I’m a huge believer in the concept that everything happens for a reason, too James! I would not have endured my heartbreak if I didn’t know that there is a reason my daughter died. I’ll just have to wait to find out. Thanks for your comment.


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