My daughter, Justine was an extremely courageous person. She dealt with so much in her short 29 years but was always able to laugh. Through all her ups and downs she still managed to find joy. She had a very spirited nature and that carried her through some very painful times. People admired her. After… Read More Courage


The number 29 has significant meaning to me. After all, I was born on the 29th of June. It had even greater meaning when I was married on September 29th. It was by accident that our wedding date was 29/09/79. We had originally chosen September 22 but the hall was booked so we settled on… Read More 29


As I write my daughter, Justine’s life story I keep thinking of how she would likely be correcting me on the details if she was alive. Other people will likely set me straight after reading the book too. I’ve never had a very good memory. In fact one of my first memories is about forgetting… Read More Memory