What are your SMART Goals for WordPress U 201?

WordPress has a Blogging Workshop to help people learn how to use blogging to promote themselves and how to get more readers. It teaches setting goals and how to achieve them. I’ve leaned so much taking this online course. 

One of the first things we learned is what I know as SMART Goals. I have used these goals in my own life many times and they work because they make you really think about these qualities. 

Are they:

  • S    Specific
  • M. Measurable  
  • A.  Attainable
  • R.  Relevant
  • T.  Time Bound

It’s easy to make vague goals but they won’t likely be achieved. If your goal is to get more readers on your blog, you may get a few but using the SMART goal formula will get you many more. You might say I will get 200 more readers by October 31st. I will blog 3 times a week until December 31st. This makes you more accountable and you have a deadline to show that you met your criteria.

I found a companion sheet that might help you even more. 


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