My daughter, Justine was an extremely courageous person. She dealt with so much in her short 29 years but was always able to laugh. Through all her ups and downs she still managed to find joy. She had a very spirited nature and that carried her through some very painful times. People admired her.

After she was killed in a car accident on the way home from work last year, hundreds of people came to honour her. Her friends, colleagues, and relatives all seemed to carry the same memory of her. They remembered her laugh. People still tell me they can hear her laugh. It came from deep within and it burst out of her with such force her whole body jolted. Many of her coworkers said they sought her out during their workday just to hear that unique laugh. It cheered them up and made their day better.

We often hear the expression, ” laughing in the face of adversity”. I think that is what Justine did. She suffered depression and anxiety and in those moments there was no laughter but when she was able to bring herself out of those dark times she managed to find happiness and fun. Her friends have very fond memories of the fun they had. To me this is what courage is.

One of the reasons I am writing a book about Justine’s life is to preserve her essence. When someone is no longer here there is a big hole left in the world. I want to fill the hole and I want people who have had the privilege of knowing her, to remember her and people who did not know her, to meet her and have a chance to know about her. The Book is titled “Not My Story To Tell”.

Do you know anyone who has managed to laugh in times of trouble?

17 thoughts on “Courage

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. What you are embarking on is such an AMAZING tribute and the title fits perfectly! To be able to find a ray of sunshine once one comes out of darkness is like a miraculous event. I will definitely keep tabs on your postings and look forward to reading your book about your daughter Justine. Thank you for wanting the world to meet her. She sounded like she was indeed very courageous to be able to come out of experiences that may have been hard on her, but yet still was able to spread joy to so many and be remembered as such a beautiful soul!

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  2. I am very sorry for your loss, I can not imagine losing a child in any way possible. Hold on to the sweet memories of your daughter. Your writings are so positive despite the very tragic, and it is that writing helps you cope with her loss. Thank you for sharing her beautiful essence with me. -Hugs HOPE

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    1. Thanks Hope. Luckily for me I began practicing the laws of attraction mindfully before this tragedy happened so I know the way I want to live my life. It’s not that I don’t get very sad at times but I don’t want to wallow in grief and self pity. That’s my secret. Writing has definitely helped.

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  3. Firstly, let me join in to say that I too am very sorry for your loss. Now, let me continue by saying that I am so glad that I have visited your website and have discovered this wonderful person with a courageous story that is unfolding. Be strong during the process. It is a powerful process in keeping a special person’s memory alive.

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